Assembly Roxy
Jul 31 – Aug 25 (14.45)

I absolutely love The Assembly Roxy Upstairs Venue on Drummond Street, there’s such an air of expectation about it, with the sloping seats going right up to the stage ceiling. I chose a seat right up level with the lighting, somehow exciting in itself. The two protagonists, male and female, were dressed in thick woolly jumpers as they started proceedings by sharing a quiet conversation about their relationship with each other, the domestic ins and outs. They began to dance, shedding a layer of clothing and we watched as they wound themselves around each other. She climbed onto his head and as they stood tall and strong, their muscles sinewing athletically as they used their bodies to represent the great tussles of life and love, their give and take, their total support for each other. He would frequently catch her just before it seemed she would slam into the floor. It was passionate and enthralling, intimate and dangerous. We gasped.

The theme was the quest for love between man and woman, whether it can be total and uncompromising. But as they talked, the plot seemed to turn on its head as they revealed that their relationship as lovers wasn’t what it seemed; that it was in fact a lie. He announced he was gay and she that she hadn’t taken a lover for over two years. There came a shift after these admissions, when she became the support for him to climb around. We empathised with the honesty, the struggle to be true to yourself as well as to your commitment. I found this performance utterly enthralling. An hour of total engagement with amazing choreography and the grace of art, making you forget time and your own worries as it weaves its spell on you. Beautiful and uplifting, like a gift. I feel grateful for having seen this show.

Daniel Donnelly


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