The Raunch

The Lafayette Spiegeltent

Underbelly Circus Hub

Run Complete


Stagecraft : five-stars Performance : five-stars Gasps : 4.png

 Yeehaa! The Wild West has rode into town on hoverboards. The Raunch is a self-proclaimed punk, panto, cabaret, circus, western pastiche on acid, and it does not fail to deliver. This is no ordinary cowboy themed cabaret show, it’s sexy and bad ass with some outrageous surprises. Definitely not a show for the kids, prudish or faint-hearted. The Raunch has all the usual hallmarks of a classic cabaret act, but this dynamic cast certainly takes it to new heights, all to the tune of a toe-tapping, leg-slapping, hair-flapping sound track. This show is high energy, with perfectly choreographed dance routines, audience participation, tongue-and-cheek humour as each cast member bringing their own personality to their character. There is never a tumbleweed moment with the magnificent seven-strong cast, brought larger-to-life by their outlandish costumes, creative visual backdrops and lighting.

Bringing a contemporary London twist to proceedings were the magnetic My Bad Sister twins as the Bar Room Beauties… This tap dancing, rapping, knife throwing, ukulele playing duo captivated the audience with their hypnotic synchronicity. International burlesque femme fatale Missa Blue as The Outlaw is the all dancing, leather clad, fire-eating, fearless sword-swallower… tipping us to the edge of our seats is circus superstar Jair Ramirez as The Bandit – mesmerizing the audience with his acrobatics, the man has amazing strength, balance and precision as he performs jaw dropping aerial contortion… competing in no ordinary dual are the villains of the show, The Bad Sheriff, played by legendary cabaret performer Empress Stah and Alternative Miss World Fancy Chance as The Condemned. A nipple tassel duel to the death was not what the audience were expecting but was certainly well received.

Narrator Mr Ted’s The Unwanted keeps us entertained throughout, bringing an element of goofy daft humour with his lip-synching, drag ventriloquism. A nice, personal touch was to find the cast outside meeting and greeting the audience as we left. A whip cracking, boot stomping show that leaves you dancing up the street, do not miss the opportunity to see this show when you get the chance, we loved it!!!!!!!

Reviewers : Laura & Ema Murray


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