Silver Lining & Jacksons Lane

Circus Hub

4th – 22nd (not 15th) – 16.00


Stagecraft : four-stars Performance : four-stars Gasps : three-stars

Take a stroll down to Udderbelly’s Circus Hub in The Meadows and you will find two big tops, The Beauty (250 seats) and The Lafaylette (750 seats).  The two venues are named after of the world’s most renowned circus performers and illusionists.  The Great Lafeayette and his dog, Beauty, who both famously died in Edinburgh in 1911.  It’s here within The Lafaylette you will be thrown back in time, reminiscing life’s moments of the seven strong circus troupe of Silver Lining & Jacksons Lane.  Directed by the acclaimed Paulette Randell we are thrown into the performers nostalgic personal memories that have shaped them into the characters they are today.  These open, sincere and engrossing stories are interwoven within the high energy, highly skilled circus acrobatic sequences throughout which makes this performance so unique.

The youthful team bring together circus, dance, theatre and live music into one feel-good captivating show.  It is hard not to be allured by their fresh personable attitude and passion.  From start to finish their interaction with the audience is friendly, playful and humorous. The show is packed-full of positive vibes. You cannot help feel they are a bunch of mates having a good time and we as an audience have made some fantastic new friends too!

The company members demonstrate a strong collaborative still-set, through both solo moments of individual talent and in the group displays of experimental stunts, balances, Chinese pole, aerial straps, hula hoop sequences and an thrilling finale of Chinese hoop diving.  The fast-paced show is an explosion of energy; we see a fantastic rendition a Dirty Dancing sequence, a human slide and a spinning take on Michael Jackson.  My personal highlight was a duo synchronised hand balance act, their ability to mirror one another was beautifully graceful.  They do have gasp factor moments where I heard the audience exclaim “brilliant” and “wow”, although few of the tricks are a little underwhelming and safe.  Silver Lining & Jacksons Lane are the friendliest circus troupe I’ve came across, constantly charming, highly engaging and occasionally poignant.  Expect lots of laughs, talented acrobatics and an upbeat performance that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Reviewer : Sarah Lewis

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