Aaron Calvert: Declassified


The Gilded Balloon At The Museum
Until the 28th August

Being a Calvert myself and I know how trust worthy and brilliant Calverts are, so jumped at the opportunity to review my long lost relative. The French translation of the word ‘Calvert’ translates as bridge between worlds. I’m pretty sure all Calverts are psychic, like myself. All seeing, All-Knowing. That’s Divine. So its just about impossible for a stage psychic to be a charlatan and me not know immediately. My previous experience of stage hypnosis was old school, and went overboard on making fools of people while under the influence. It is for that reason that I’m not usually interested. Aaron Calverts’ credentials are golden, however, so knew this show was off on a winner before I got there. Well, I am a Clairvoyant.

We took our seats in the venue, it was very comfortable and I was sat next to my new friend Angela. The Auditorium was filling rapidly with a growing excitement, audience members around me were recounting memories, excitedly speaking of those previously experienced miracles performed by Aaron at last year’s sell-out fringe Show. Divine was in a very tranquil space within; prior to the show I had meditated with the Falun Gong guys on Middle Meadow Walk. So I was in just the right space to be receptive to this highly original example of performance art. There wa sa problem, though, for being such a sensitive I am extremely susceptible to hypnosis and go under very easily. I knew I couldn’t be hypnotized and review the show at the same time. It was a tricky one. but managed to assert my free will enough to keep completely conscious for the jaw-dropping miracles that were to follow.

Witness examples of the potential of the subconscious mind, or indeed as Aaron described, the Superconscious. It was a mesmerising hour, with the whole audience in participation; a very interesting and enlightening experience. Genuinely Psychic with brilliantly simple examples of telepathy. During one of the exercises, a distinct spiritual shift took place. It was at this point I knew Aaron was a Medium too, because the last time this had happened was when I went to see the psychic barber, Gorden Smith, at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow. So many moments of genuine supernatural human power brought out through Aaron’s gifted Hypnosis.

The crescendo of this magical hour was turning an audience member into a Qui Gong Master, with the audience member shattering a glass with his inner power. Now this was just unmistakably brilliant. I’m not going to go too far into what else happened because I think it will spoil it for others, but yes, it is easy to understand how Aaron is fast becoming a Legend within his field. He is unmistakably genuine, very gifted and a very very nice man. Of course he is. He’s a Calvert. This is a 5 Star Performance and one of the finest examples Of stage hypnosis I have ever experienced. Genuine Magik is seldom displayed with such expertise. I cannae recommend this hour enough. Awesome Stuff. 5 Stars.

Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert


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