Dark Side of the Mime

Assembly Roxy
Aug 20-23, 25-30


2015DARKSID_9DWhen Theatre Takomo named their newest production Dark Side of the Mime – the nod to Pink Floyd’s seminal album is an appropriate choice, for just as that great prog-rock back of the 70s brought a new, cohesive edge to their work, so has Marc Gascot found a solid form-foundation from which to display his excellent talents. His Finnish director, Akse Pettersson, told the Mumble, “Dark Side of the Mime explores the grotesque like nothing else. It mixes together classic pantomime with sex, splatter, and slapstick humour. At its core lies the fundaments of our common culture and its taboos. It taps into the dark side we all have in our minds. But if the first common denominator is darkness, the second one is laughter. We all know the jokes we tell each other in good, secure, and secluded company. The ones we wouldn’t be ready to share with just anyone. Well, our show tells those jokes. You can see it as a smart look into the mechanics of pop culture, or just take it as it is: a mime-porn-splatter-show.”

For myself, the spectacle they created is both mischievous and hilarious, with Gascot capturing our full attention from start to finish. The series of sketches he elucidates are perfectly synchronized with the stage lights and sound-effects: a perfect performance plucked by a musical maestro and his keyboard. A mixture between Laurel & Hardy’s slapstick comedy and the brutality of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the show is also complemented with a dark & sexual humour where no subject is taboo. To this Gascot adds a level of audience participation throughout which accompanies the hilarity which blossoms effortlessly from Gascot’s improvisational skills. This show is not for the prudish or weak-stomached. If you want to see some real dark humour in an interesting format with the added authenticity of the classical mime routine, you cannot, or should not, miss this show. FIVE STARS


Reviewer : Patti Bloom

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