The Hogwallops

Underbelly’s Circus Hub (Venue 360)

4th – 22nd August (not 10th, 15th) – 15:30pm


Stagecraft : five-stars Performance : five-stars Gasps : Inline image 4

The Beauty at the Circus Hub was packed with adults and kids for the return of The Hogwallops, presented by the Lost in Translation Company. Roughly based on Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits’, The Hogwallops slapstick circus troop of 5 performers held the full house audience enthralled for the hour performance. This fun family show combined a mix of aerial, balancing, juggling, audience participation, clown and circus skills all underpinned by the search for a banana (!), all held together with mischief and fun. The energy was a bit slow to build but all the tricks were performed with finesse and vigor and the show was very warmly received, with a few very enthusiastic fans in the front row that were weaved in to the story from time to time.

Unknown-1.jpegThe notable character in this production was the young man, who showed sweet vulnerability and skill with humour and comic timing. His scene featuring a self-help tape on how to woo a lady was particularly funny and ended with some very up close audience participation (in a very innocent way!) But be warned, if you sit in the front few rows you may be hugged at some point! Like with any Roald Dahl, the children laughed and laughed, quite at home with the slapstick aspects of the characters doing despicable things to one another. The concept of the piece is built around a dysfunctional family and it was quite impressive to see the simple things, like doing laundry, being turned into impressive aerial pieces.

The audience liked it a lot, the characters were professional, kindhearted and good at what they do. And although we felt the start of the show was a little under energized, the pace grew and we left with a warmer feeling about us. If you are looking for innocent, slapstick with genuinely awesome tricks plan a trip to Hogwallops, and take the family too! There are certainly lessons to be learnt on how to appreciate our family from The Hogwallops.

Reviewers: Ali Bell and Denise Borland


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