Milan’s Game

Action 6

At the excellent Grand space at the Surgeon’s Hall, I have just witnessed some of the most comprehensively entertaining, eyeball-tickling physical theatre of the Fringe, if not my life. Milan’s Game is the name, & while the structure is simple, the content is fabulous. Like a garden trellis full of mid-summer blooms. It is has been brought to Edinburgh by AllouAqui company, a classy duet directed by Samuel De La Torre, starring Delicia Sefiha & Xavier De Santos. They play a couple – Lucas & Zoe are their names – who are losing romantic passion & cruising thro’ routine.

Inbetween snippets of domestic domiciles, from the follies & the dust we are given daydreaming scenes straight out of Baron Munchausen. These are danced with vigor, flair & high artistry. I especially enjoyed Delicia’s tall & golden visitor from another world, brought suddenly crashing to earth with Xavier’s entrance with shopping bags & a cry of, ‘what the fuck are you doing!?’

Also danced with perfect passion & unflinching theatre are several real-life interchanges between our couple. It seems even in the spleen-churning realms of domestic unbliss, it is still possible to find heavenly art, including an astonishing, primevally stag-antlered ‘battle’ scene to Mozart’s Requiem. An eclectic & entertaining music selection for each scene, I must add, was an important accompaniment to this bold show. 


There is more to Milan’s Game than meets the eye – I could sense an assault on the patriarchy in there somewhere. The variety of the dream-dances is also a lively concept which ensures our constant attentions. As the pommels of clear marble that are our two talented dancers translated idiosyncracies with ease, I totally adored the jagged thrusts & rippling fire-field arms which penetrated the spaces between them – a cosmic & entrancing mix. Milan’s Game, yeah, you’ve just got to see it really, its a beautiful soap-opera for the soul.

Damian Beeson Bullen


Milan’s Game

the Space @ Surgeons Hall

19th – 24th August (10.00)


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