Chocolate_full size Cast in Cacao photo by Tom Hoyle.jpg

Choreography: four-stars.png Stagecraft: five-stars Performance: five-stars    

If Fringe fatigue has hit and you are tired of average stand-up and novelty gameshows, then this melting pot of a performance from the bubbling mindwells of the brilliant Sacha Copland will satisfy your pangs for something a little richer. Chocolate is billed as a dance show, but can only be explained as a sensory celebration of all things cocoa. This remarkably well-researched performance somehow manages to cover every emotion that can be inspired by chocolate, from the sickly sweet to the bitter aftertaste/ The piece is presented by just five people, two string instruments, and a selection of increasingly surprising props.

CHOCOLATE might just be my favourite of the 20 full length works I have created Sacha Copland
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Unsurprisingly, there were no complaints about audience participation in this show, delicious Chocolate sponsored by Chocolate Tree and the Wellington Chocolate Factory! The vibe is slightly cultish – the saccharine grins and intense eye-contact of the performers quickly spread through the audience. By the second half, everyone, from the kids to the grannies, was eagerly participating in sensual rituals worthy of the Mayans. Chocolate is a genuinely unique show where you will find excellent live music, talented performers and more than a few gawp-worthy moments.

Eilidh Sawyers



Assembly Rooms

 Aug 1-24 (14:30)

Screenshot_2019-07-23 Snaggy - easy screenshots.png

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