Colin Cloud: Forensic Mind Reader

Eden Court – One Touch Theatre


31st Oct 2015

Colin Cloud

Colin Cloud gave a spooky Halloween treat with a twist this Saturday night. As we entered the stage he was sat blindfolded, as the recorded voice warned us the doors would be locked, and that if we feared for our lives, we should leave now. Remaining blindfolded he got the audience to stand and play Rock, Paper, Scissors and picked two members from the audience, asked them to write a few bits about themselves on a bit of paper which he then managed to deduct; a surname one of the volunteers was thinking about, that the other female was a project manager in IT and a phone number she had written down.

He tells everyone he was into Sherlock Holmes from the age of 8, with his rather dapper waistcoat, jacket and skinny jeans and having studied forensic science at University he could be the modern day equivalent. He notices everything about people down to the finest detail, and could tell a lady had eaten chocolate fingers by smelling her hand. Throughout the night he wowed with his scarily accurate findings, he guessed a woman’s change exactly and even guessed 3 very obscure items from the audience, a mini pot of jam, a new age pendulum and a torch from Vegas, there was no way he could see with duct tape (painful) and a blindfold over his eyes.

Colin kept the night going at a good pace, with his charismatic, witty persona and gave a performance which was utterly mind blowing and a little bit freaky. If your looking for an entertaining evening definitely worth a watch. FIVE STARS


Reviewer : Zoe Gwynne

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