An Interview with Massimiliano Rossetti

Headshot Massimiliano Rossetti.jpg

Massimiliano Rossetti

During their world tour, Lost In Translation are bringing some quality family fun to the Fringe

Hello Massimiliano, who are Lost In Translation, what is your role?
We are an international circus company creating both indoor and outdoor performances. We work with a tight-knit group of performers from Italy, France, Ireland and Australia. This results in accessible, multi-layered shows in which we combine circus with theatre, high level circus skills and music. And above all: great fun. I am a Performer and the Artistic Director of the Lost in Translation Circus.

You are a Guinness World Record holder – can you tell us about the experience?
My dear friend Roisin Morris and I are the Guinness World Records holders for the most somersaults on a Korean Cradle in one minute: that’s 14 somersaults! Each catch was to Roisin’s feet.

What does Massimiliano Rossetti like to do when ’s not being all circussy?
Well I’m always very circussy! My head never stops with creating new ideas and I spend lots of time with my circus family – performers from all over the world. I love to cook pasta for them… our late night spaghetti dinners are epic.


You’re bringing a new show to this year’s Edinburgh Fringe; can you tell us more?
Hotel Paradiso is an exciting and very funny circus show for all the family. The staff of a quirky hotel uses daring circus skills, physical comedy and theatre to thwart the dastardly Banker. You can expect a spirited story told through the means of high level circus and the theatre farce of comedy. This version of the show has specifically been created for the Spiegeltent. So this Spiegeltent version will be premiered during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

Where, when & why did the idea for Hotel Paradiso originate?
Hotel Paradiso came from an idea that we always wanted – that was representing a very simple narrative about one of the multiple sides of human condition. We found inspiration in books, films, but also in our own emotions and relationships. Last year the idea started to grow more and more – and in the past few months we worked really hard together to create a version of the show specifically for the Spiegeltent during this Festival.


How are you finding blending storytelling with circus – what are this particulatr theatrical hybrid’s chief strengths?
This show will appeal to a large range of circus and theatre audiences right across the age spectrum. Young children will love the quirky set, knockabout humour and bright costumes – while adults can relate to the storyline, subplots and deeper social themes of the show. Come and experience this crazy and colourful ride for yourself, it’s all in the mix!

What are your future plans beyond this show?
We’ve got many bookings and will be touring the rest of the world in the next months. On short notice all of us look forward to the Fly High Convention, 20-22 September. It’s the 4thtime we’ll be organising this big gathering in the gorgeous, over 500 year old church in Norwich – that is our home base. We’ll bring you a great line up of international coaches, plus a Late Night Cabaret and our beautiful food of course.

Hotel Paradiso

Aug 13-24 (12:10)

Underbelly Circus Hub


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