Its Miss Hope Springs

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Drag queens have a certain sadness about them, a bit like circus clowns. Tonight’s female impersonator was no different. Miss Hope Springs is played by Ty Jeffries, a gentleman that comes from a very impressive theatrical background. His Dad was the British character actor, screenwriter and director Lionel Jeffries who starred in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, with Dick Van Dyke, also writing and directing the much loved classic family film The Railway Children. The genes of such success have certainly gone on to create the master of creativity I witnessed tonight. An accomplished pianist and songwriter, Ty had a publishing deal at 16 and went on to sign a record deal with Elton John’s Rocket Label. His talent on the old Joana being the driving force behind this excellent drag queen, nae lip-syncing or mime. All the music was played on his sparkly piano, elevating his songs to be sung by his beautiful alter ego.

Pete Waterman loves the songs, which with 22 number ones is a good sign. Oh! and The Pet Shop Boys and Frances Barber too (read the full interview)

Miss Hope Springs has accolades from some of Divine’s heroes, notably Marc Almond and Julian Clary, so with such star potential I was geared up with excitement for tonight’s performance, held in The Bijou, a smaller replica of The Famous Spiegeltent on the vamped up George Street in Edinburgh. It was a dark, balmy and quite stormy night, which only added to the atmosphere as she took to the stage, with Marilyn Monroe blonde hair, perfect makeup and a black sequined trouser suit. Miss Hope was delicious; recounting tales from her illustrious career in prose and song. along the way she held the audience perfectly with her professionalism and camp humor, resulting in a standing ovation from her delighted audience. A Well Deserved 5 Stars.

Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert


Its Miss Hope Springs

Assembly Rooms

Aug 1-24 (20:20)

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