Sonics In Toren

Gilded Balloon (Venue 14)
Aug 14-16, 18-23, 25-31


Italian circus company Sonics brings you their world premiere show, Sonics In Toren. Sonic was founded in 2001 and they have been amazing audiences with their aerial acrobatics ever since. The artists appear in a dream world wearing black and white cloaks over skin-tights bodysuits, which outline the muscle groups. One man walks across the stage while holding and balancing three people demonstrating amazing strength. From what looks like a torture chair they perform various balancing acts and acrobatics. The two females peel off their body suits to reveal another costume and perform a sequence of dynamic poses from suspended ropes. After which one male flips slowly in the air with elegant focus and precision. Every muscle of his athletic body contorts and pulls. They use an odd musical score of cheesy 80s music, which is somewhat off-putting after 20 minutes, however I am soon distracted by a male and female who perform a selection of counter lever poses, balances and the splits demonstrating amazing flexibility and creativity.

I felt my mouth was permanently open in amazement and wonder throughout the dreamscape performance. The team has clearly developed strong trust and coordination and they seamlessly flip and fly through the air. Several costume changes later, the amounts of glitter increasing each time, one of the men performs the splits upside down while a female skillfully balances on top, completing a double spilt pose! She performs without fault, despite what looked like a bandage on her calf. Not only are these four amazing aerial artists, one of them is a competent ballerina, as she glides across on pointe in an explosive costume! The marvel is continuously delivered as two men spin from vertical ropes, just watching them made me feel dizzy, it is a wonder they didn’t stagger across the stage afterwards!? Members of the audience gasp and shake their head with disbelief at the hoop performance. While a rippling muscle male duo carry out a selection of counter-balances all you can hear is “Wow” and nervous laughter from the audience as the team perform outstanding feat after feat. If you can look past the overwhelming glitter and 80’s electronic guitar sound track and fixed smiles then you have an amazing five star performance. It’s a slick dynamic dance performance with a powerful presence and stern focus. FIVE STARS



Reviewer : Sarah Lewis

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