The Big Sexy Circus
The Big Sexy Circus is next to the Fountanbridge Multiplex a short walk from Lothian Road. What a pleasant space it is. I had 30mins to spare, so after picking my tickets up from the box office, I was served by a lovely Welsh lady. I took advantage of the lovely cuisine available. A chorizo and Lamb burger with hand cut chips. All the ingredients are locally sourced the same day. It made for a lovely Brunch. I had a coffee too. As I was eating my brunch, I really took in the venue. Hmm, this demands further investigation I thought. Then I thought, what a large undertaking to create performance art. Coming to Edinburgh to put a show on in a venue that already exists is one thing. Coming to Edinburgh and creating a performance art theme park is another. It was while eating lunch I heard a round of applause and glanced over to a big top and perched high high above a chap was balancing on top with a long pole about to walk a tight rope, a thrill of excitement rushed through me.Circus always brings out the little kid in me and I started dreaming of running away to join The Big Sexy Circus.
We were called for our performance and entered into the Big Top and took our seats in the round. I thought I was gonna explode with excitement. Divine has been a performer himself in years past and has traveled the world to explore and be part of exotic performance delight. I did this with The Spiegeltent and was part of the Speigelfamily between the years of 1996 and 2003. Spiegel was a brilliant teacher for me and this is where I developed my insight into the Performing Arts, while practicing my Healing Arts. Spiegel will always be part of my Heart. So if the promo posters for a show read, A sell out season at the Brighton fringe.Performing Hitch from the Spiegel Tent. Then one knows that the thrilling delights about to unfold would be nothing less than excellent.Its a guaranteed seal of performance brilliance.
This is highly entertaining circus and cabaret that is based on the life and work of Alfred Hitchcock in which the audience enters a darkly funny and twisted world of suspense and intrigue.There are so many winning ingredients to this performance, not leas., Death defying acrobatics and cross dressing cuties. Indeed it is a Feast for the senses. Sexy and athletic cabaret with a sound track performed by a cool as fuck band that also doubled as the supporting cast. Playing original compositions that were good enough to have been the main draw. I was hugely disappointed that the soundtrack was nae available on CD. I left my contact details for when it does get released.
A ticket to Hitch also gives free entry to Swing Circus and the Big Sexy All-Star Cabaret in the same venue with food, bars and fab Fringe entertainment til midnight! Divine Says Hitch is high end performance art and is delivered at a fraction of the cost to the punter, £18 for 3 people. That works out at £6 each for entertainment that would not be out of place in Las Vegas. It really is that good. There is enough entertainment in “The Big Sexy Circus” to guarantee a quality night out. With Quality being the operative word. the Big Sexy Circus is treating us, take advantage of such generosity, you will nae be disappointed.FIVE STARS
Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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