Circa: Humans

Circa – Humans, courtesy of Pedro Greig_6.jpg

Underbelly’s Circus Hub 
Aug 16-20, 22-26

Stagecraft : three-stars.png Performance : 4.png Gasps : 4.png Choreography : 4.png

Circa have been notable renowned within the contemporary circus industry since 2004. Creating influential circus performances to excite and enthral audiences worldwide. The award winning Circa, directed by Yaron Lifschitz has performed in 39 countries, pushing the limits of physical ability, while combining movement, humour, dance, theatre and circus. Circa return to the festival once again to perform ‘Humans’ at Underbelly in the Lafayette tent, a 550-seat venue, which on a Tuesday, was a sell out performance!

Circa_Humans_170113_177_hires_byPedroGreig (1).jpg

As the Lafayette tent swells with the patiently queuing audience, a couple of performers dressed in black commence their warm-up, playfully undress down to their leotards, using the clothes to assist their stretches. Dressed in warm hues and transparent black clothing, the ten strong performers flip, spin and throw themselves on to the stage one by one to dynamic energetic music. For the past couple of years Circa have stripped back the glitz, glamour and fluffy bunny suits. Lifschitz has changed direction to provide a no frills, just an expert performance of acrobatics and circus art. Supported only by simple spotlights and empowering music.


The continual energetic bursts of movement and powerful stunts have the audience on the edge of their seat, at times there is so much activity you do not know where to focus. All the while the talented muscular performers make each movement seem effortless. The trust and playful familiarity the Circa cast maintain is admirable. The few props; swing, bricks and hanging belts are used sparingly, centring solely on defying gravity and twisting their inhuman-like elastic bodies into contorted forms. In once sequence they comically try to lick their elbow, demonstrating they are only human, however in the final act this is contradicted, as one man holds and balances four performers on his shoulders. As always the Circa crew do not fail to disappoint. I urge you to see this extraordinary performance before it sells out.

Reviewer : Sarah Lewis


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