Neil Henry – Mind-Wangler

Pleasance Ace Dome

12-14, 16-28 Aug 2016 (16.00)


Stagecraft : four-stars Performance : four-stars Gasps : three-stars

Neil Henry is a Derren Brown meets Harry Hill type stage-man. Full of panache and witty banter, he is a real crowd pleaser and can build a connection with anyone he likes in an instant.  Neil focuses on mind manipulation techniques to pull of his tricks and although not quite as mysterious as Derren Brown, he certainly does manage pull them off, with a good few laughs along the way.


Neil woos the crowd through his fun segments, only occasionally prompting for a cheer or giggle. He definitely made me laugh out loud, and his jokes were plenty varied between kiddie and adult humour – a nice ratio as well. Neil is a great family entertainer & the kids were being engaged with & included in the show from very early on. A couple of adults were gently roped in too, while Joshua the cat made all the decisions about who would be asked to take part. I can heartily recommend a trip to see Henry one afternoon this August, a fine perfromer with enough bedazzle to leave you glowing.

Reviewer : Bobbi McKenzie

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