Nailed It

Assembly Roxy
There is nothing else one can do than like these two handsome & dashingly talented fellows from Down Under, who despite the inner turmoil induced by their recent Ashes defeat, were still able to bound joyfully through their set of vaudevillian musical fancies. Slickly-dressed lads, Loclan Mackenzie-Spencer tinkles his keyboards, plucking his songs out of the aether for the honey-voiced Andrew Strano to deliver to the audience. A mixed bunch we were; some had been accosted in the street & promised a pint if they didn’t enjoy the show – which of course they never took up because their Nailed It is a classic piece of entertainment that will please anyone, no matter what their musical tastes. The songs are fun, glimmering with wit & lyrical philosophies… a clever combination of the use of rhyming dictionaries & a few beverages down the pub. Gentile songs about their first car are countered by those about ‘Crack Babies.’  Of the latter type, the one about his twin-sister & their emotional, & physical, bonds is a bit mental – not even funny really, but rather daring & the comedy comes from the actual sincerity with which it is delivered.

These two bespectacled gentleman are the Noel Cowards & the Cole Porters of the modern era, capable of such stunningly moving lyrics as, ‘the whole world is in love with me because I fell in love with you,’ & dodgy lines as, ‘this seems ludicrous – we shared a uterus.’ Between songs the quips come thick & fast, enveloping the audience with a blanket of familial feelings – a mental warmness that lingers long after this adorable hour’s performance is over. FOUR STARS
Reviewer : Damo Bullen

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