A Feathery Cabaret Riot

The Flaming Galahs

Venue: The Boards at The Edinburgh Playhouse

Tickets: £10/£8 concession


Crocodiles, Dingos, Speedos, Pavlovas, Sheepskin coats, ‘but enough of the colonies, back to Blighty’, Stonehenge, Trafalgar Square, 1066, BBC and the English obsession with earl grey tea .That’s just the introduction.You may gather that this trio of femme fatales hail respectively from Australia, New Zealand and Essex. The galah is an Australian bird like a cockatoo . Clever, friendly, often… vocal. The Flaming Galahs are Krysia Mansfield on percussion and vocals, Lucy Mulgan on double bass, Lesley Anne (latte boy) Sammons on piano. These Flaming Galahs sing like their feathery namesakes and they like Making Whoopee, ‘A lot of shows ,a lot of rice..groom nervous,he answers twice.it’s really grilling,how he’s so willing for making whoopee.’ With a backdrop of pink feather palm trees mezzo soprano and actress Mansfield takes us on a soupcon journey through supermarket shopping- how to get hot and steamy at Tescos, M&S and Fortnum and Masons – certainly an alternative and creative way of visualizing the weekly drudge.2 minute Noodles will remind you of them forever more.Discover why Wednesdays are extra special when toothbrushing becomes an extra curricular activity and why the baggy teeshirt  ‘team building exercise 1999’ is a turn off when ‘it’s business time’.Whether its herbal,msg or simple peppermint tea these burgeoning talents will sing far longer than they make love (think 2 minute noodles again ‘because that’s all you need cause I’m so intense’)

Bold but never brash these twinkle toe teasers teach us what a jump-buck is in Waltzing Matilda Opera style. Likeable effort apart from the cringe-able hard plug on ‘oh what a bargain only ten bucks Flaming Galah bags’ from the equally cringe-able ‘merchandise perch’ which could’ve and should’ve been primetime comedy cabaret when they had the audience in the palm of their fictional feathers.Nonetheless, if you believe in equality between the sexes ‘lets roll out the unisex toilets’ is a post suffragette modern feminist offering that sums up their show : amusing but not riotously sidesplitting . TWO STARS



Reviewer : Clare Crines

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