Sweet The Grassmarket 
Today – Bootleggers (15.00)
Stagecraft : 4.png Performance : 4.png Gasps : 4.png
It was a warm Saturday Night as I strolled through the throng of revelers partying the last weekend of the Fringe, to bare witness to the last appointed Mumble mission of the month. The Sweet Venue is a nice place, a Hotel that has been transformed into a performance art venue, & sound enough to open their doors to Misirlou, from whose feet her original venue had pulled the rug from out of just as she arrived in Edinburgh. I collected my ticket and waited in the lobby for the performance to be called. Taking full advantage of the panini and coffee special at the bargain price of a fiver. Nom Nom. The performance was called and the audience took to the seats. My initial feelings brought the surreal feeling of being in a David Lynch film. Suspense and intrigue were hanging in the air.
Misirlou is half-Greek, half-Superhero, who appears from behind a gold curtain hilariously riding a cardboard horse. Much of this performance was unprepared as she leapt from one amusing scenario to the next. Her demonstration of glitter and gravity had me laughing so hard, & all the while she was making full connection with her intimate audience to demonstrate her supernatural, mystical and philosophical wisdom. Representative of a true Greek Goddess, Misirlou summoned her audience members to the stage as she took us through a movement ritual that invoked the Greek Goddess and mother of the muses, Mnemosyne. Comedy and genuine supernatural Power, presented in 45 minutes of ground breaking entertainment.
Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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