The Ladyboys of Bangkok

Weekdays 18.45 / 21.00
Weekends 16.40/
18.45 / 21.00
If you haven’t experience the magic of the Ladyboys of Bangkok, then you are in for a banging time indeed!  If you are a regular goer, then you may be happy to notice a couple of changes to the show this year. The biggest change of course is the change of venue location.  The show still takes place in the traditional tent, so feels the same once you are inside, but this year the tent is located at Fountainbridge, near the Big Sexy Circus.  It is actually a much better spot for getting to; your high heels don’t need to contend with the grass on approach (compared to the original site at The Meadows) and a carpark has be factored in too, which has ample space for each show’s intake.
This loud, fun, sparkly cabaret show performed by transgender Thai beauties makes myself and most of the women I know, look as though we should all move to Thailand to get jobs being men! They are more petite, more delicate and more beautiful than any other women I have met before in real life. If the show were not named ‘Ladyboys’ you wouldn’t have a clue that they weren’t born female and trust me, I was close enough analyse them all thoroughly!
I went to the adult show this year, which is performed after the 9pm watershed and only permits people over 16 years old. It was rather less vanilla than the shows which are on during the day and may include slightly drunker audience members as well! There is audience precipitation scattered throughout the entire show, and the ‘members’ chosen are always men!  The selected often behave in a similar way; scared sh*tless to begin with, then after a minute or two of seeing the stunning women up close as the hot goddesses they are, their hands are all over them!  They always leave the stage trying to disguise that look of ‘I totally would!’ as they return to sit with their wives or girlfriends!  Such brilliant entertainment to see the guys letting go of their prejudices and enjoying the company of fantastic looking human beings!
The show girls and guys, who are (kinda) compared by a fruitloop transvestite and accompanied by a small person who loves to be the clown of the troupe, spend all the duration lifting your spirits with sensational costumes and agile dance routines as they mime to recent and old pop songs and do highly comical renditions of classic theatre productions. If there is not something within this show to entertain you then you are not far from the Circus down the road, but seriously, even if its just to see how stunning the girls are, it’s totally worth a bash! FOUR STARS
Reviewer : Bobbi Mckenzie

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