Underbelly, George Square
Aug 10-26 (15:00)

This is an entertaining hour of family fun, two performers and ariel acrobats. These talented mesmerizes of the audience are Tony Mills, who trained as a breakdancer and then went on to train at The Space For Contemporary Dance in Dundee; and Beverely Grant, Tony’s faithful companion and co-star. She trained at the Rambert School of Contemporary Dance with a focus on circus performance art. Together they bring to life their latent superpowers through the use of very clever choreography and breathtaking circus skills. We are treated to demonstrations of Superspeed, Superstrength and the flight scenes all represented through physical theatre – brought to life in an original and captivating way. With hilarious clowning filling the Udderbelly with the laughter of children in the audience, we wer all transported into a Superhero world of possibility and imagination. Everyone loves Superheroes and everyone will love this performance.


The All Or Nothing Ariel Dance Troupe are local to Edinburgh and are based at the Out Of The Blue, Drill Hall in Leith. Offering workshops throughout the Fringe for people to develop some of the amazing ariel circus skills presented in today’s performance, to encourage everyones inner Superhero to be brought to life. As inspirational performance art goes this a must-see performance it is perfect for families and children of all ages.

You Will Believe A Woman Can Fly. ❤

Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert


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