The Adventures Of Captain Of The Lost Waves

Space Triplex
COTLW - SpaceUk A3 Poster
Now this was a curio of time-travel theater. The Good Captain heralded from Divine’s neck of the woods, Bradford. His Good Ship has landed at Space Triplex for a short run and yesterday I was called to witness his melody, muse and weirdness. Assisted by a ten-year old clown who masterfully assisted to increase the weird factor. Brilliantly done, a wee shiny star.
The Good Captain sang-sea faring songs with a hearty voice and nifty footwork, both enchanting and disturbing in equal, Burlesque measure.Fifty minutes of nautical mysticism brought to life with a genuine apparition of a Spirit Galleon. Actually this was a remarkable instance of Clairvoyance… Divine first at a performance. It’s not surprising though, The Good Captain and his Crew are all Mediums.
Catch this bit of good old fashioned sea faring adventure while you can. The Good Ship is only in port till the 29th before it sets sail for different shores. Four Stars And One Star For Being From Bradford.So that’s FIVE STARS
Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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