Snap : A Contemporary Mystery Performance

Assembly George Square

Aug 6-29



Stagecraft : five-stars Performance : five-stars Gasps : five-stars
Now this was a return to form. As soon as I took my seat in the theater, the soothing electronic sounds embalmed my senses. Swirling pinks and reds were projected onto Aalush, velvet stage curtain. A first taste of the very colorful stage production that I hoped was to follow. Snap is an hour of very clever interesting illusion to delight both the children and the adults. South Korea certainly has a unique take on magic shows. Cabaret with an emphasis on innocence, to which is added a clever use of film and traditional tricks presented by easily recognizable characters from a bygone age. Each of the acts in this hour of tantalizing treats offering the consummate “Gasp, how did they do that” factor.
Mime plays an important role in keeping the audience entertained, while my favorite act involved a very handsome gentleman with lots of glitter. The perfect Fringe production for the children in all of us. A Five Star Performance that will leave a lasting ‘Good Time’ memory for all of the family.
Reviewer : Mark Divine Calvert

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