Closer by Circa

3rd – 29th Aug 2016
Udderbelly, George Square
From £17.50

Stagecraft : 4.png Performance : five-stars Gasps : five-stars

Circa’s award winning circus art, directed by Yaron Lifschitz, returns to the Edinburgh Fringe with ‘Closer’ to push the boundaries of physical ability and amalgamate movement, theatre, dance and circus.  Circa have been at the forefront of contemporary circus since 2004, creating influential performances that thrills, delights and captivates worldwide audiences.  The famous upside down purple cow, Udderbelly, commissions this sequel showcase as per last years ‘Close Up’.

Australian circus company Circa’s latest production, is not about the thrills and glitz of cabaret circus, instead the four stunning, talented and versatile performers have paired it back, dressed in black on a bare stage.  Inviting the audience to get Closer and watch intently as they masterfully perform a series of energetic, body-contorting, gravity-defying skills within this ‘intimate setting’.  The acts have an almost delicate, silent-movie feel.  There is comedy, as well as finesse and charm.  The quartet push the extremes and limitations of the human body, in ways not known possible, leaving your heart in your throat!  Circa’s distinctive selling point is that they combine breath-taking acrobatics and aerial circus spectacles with beautiful contemporary dance.

During Lauren Herley’s fast-pace vertical rope performance, she energetically spins, flips, whips and literally walks up the rope then drops down as the audience gasps with fright!  The pounding dynamic soundtrack complements the vibrant performance. Lisa Goldsworthy (who has a striking similarity to The Fifth Element’s, Milla Jovovich) flawlessly flaunts her impressive and amusing trapeze skills.  London newcomer Jarred Dewey joins Goldsworthy for a trapeze duet; as their bodies melt effortlessly into outstanding contorted poses.  Dewey’s solo trapeze-hanging mime act to Oasis’s Champagne Supernova demonstrates his muscular agility and strength while blending clowning and circus.  The troupe performs a run of inventive group balance displays, each exceeding the last.  Using their signature square framed chairs, the finale involves stacking the chairs into a tall tower; Daniel O’Brien performs a handstand on top with perfect precision.  The sold out audience applauds and roars loud with a standing ovation.  Overall Circa has produced another outstanding performance of human feat acrobatics and theatre performance superseding the rest. Overall 5 stars, bravo

Reviewer : Sarah Lewis


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