Monica Salvi: Mad Women In Her Attic


PQA Venues @ Riddle’s Court

Aug 7-12, 14-19, 21-27 (19.10)

Mad Women In Her Attic is the collective experience of Monica Salvi’s acting roles that she has accomplished in her career as an actress and singer. The Fringe has always offered artistic diversity and Edinburgh becomes saturated with talent. So that means the bar has to be pushed higher. Quite beneficially, her sho is staged in the fabu;lous 16th Century Riddles Court building, where madness could not be more at home or more entertaining.

Monica Salvi has a voice & vocal range that would melt even the hardest of shadows. Her powerful and heart-melting beauty perfectly compliments this professionally trained singing voice. Monica Salvi could sing a phone book and make it sound beautiful. This is what I loved about this performance, she could have played it safe, her voice would have been enough to ensure a financial success. But the muse and the gift do not come easily, & The thin line between genius and insanity is a line that all great artists walk.

Seldom few have explored that line quite so beautifully in a musical stage production. For people who have a touch of madness and are fearful of challenging their inner demons, the subject matter of this performance couldnae be anymore confrontational. All the aspects of a disturbed personality are represented and the bits that people normally shy away from apart from when undergoing extensive psychotherapy or electric shock treatment are celebrated. It is a performance of dark, entertaining beauty and is guaranteed to disturb and delight in equal measure.

Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert


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