Simon Warner – Viva Hypnosis

Zoo (Venue 124)
August 9-16th, 18th-29th
£10, £8 concession
Stagecraft: Inline image 2   Performance:  Inline image 3  Gasps: three-stars
I have always had mixed feelings about hypnosis. A number of my friends have experienced it and said it was an interesting experience but for some reason I always suspected it wouldn’t work on me. I am a skeptic & my wall of skepticism perhaps a little bit too thick to penetrate. But, as in all things, I am ready to be persuaded, & what do you know, when I woke up this morning to write this review & found myself at least partially believing it was possible.
Mr Warner has brought his internationally acclaimed hypnotic show – well, Lanzarote and Tenerife – to Edinburgh. Entering the stage flanked by two buxom beauties we are soon told that only the most intelligent and creative of us are prone to hypnosis. Is that the intellectual elite who tend to holiday in Lanzarote, I asked myself? Anyway, with my ego being sufficiently tweeked I decided to volunteer.

I tried my hardest to get hypnotized but at first I wasn’t feeling it, however some of my fellow volunteers did seem genuinely under Mr Warner’s control… then before I knew where I was I was playing a rubber guitar or flapping my hands in the air as if playing bongos. It was strange, one moment I was like this isn’t working, then the next it was. It was as if the angel of ethereality was fencing with the devil of cynicism on my shoulders while this full-power cabaret show was exploding round my senses. A quite curious evening that has left me with a slight sense of uneasiness this morning, but I thoroughly reccommendable ‘I’ve enjoyed myself’ after-taste.

Reviewer : Victor Popefour-stars.png