Dietrich: Natural Duty


The Pleasance Courtyard

August 14-27 (15.30)

My good friend Louise had come over from Glasgow, to stop at mine and take in some shows. Its the first week of the Fringe and lots of two for one seats are available. Louise invited me to accompany her for this spellbinding performance of Dietrich: Natural Duty. The Pleasance was buzzing on this very pleasant August Tuesday. Everyone was chatty. We were a little early. So after we had picked up our tickets we sat under a tree on baby chairs while Louise did some Transcendental Meditation. While I Aume’d quietly to my self.

After about fifteen mins our performance was called. We took our seats in the lovely theatre. Hmm I thought. This is a very pleasant way to spend the afternoon. The lights went down and the performance had begun. I hadn’t put much thought into what we were going to be seeing. The intention was to enjoy and not capture, What followed was too captivating to not write about. Because it had me from the start.

The most beautiful of she males performed this one (Wo) Man show. Peter Groom embodied Marie Magdelene “Marlene Dietrich with a magical history lesson in vintage film history. Peter brought Ms Dietrich to life to reveal just how important and Brave this actress had been, during the outbreak of World War Two. Our heroine had to choose between the love of her country and what she knew was right. Renouncing her German Citizenship. Dietrich joined the American Army and fought against her homeland in order to free her people from Hitler. Becoming a famous actor and singer in the process.

Peter Groom sang the songs of Dietrich beautifully, performing his role perfectly. and his audience, we were in the palm of his hand from the moment the lights went down and Marlene Dietrich was brought to life.

A Fantastic Work Of Art.
Perfect Afternoon Viewing.
It Is Awesome.

Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert


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